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Oct. 22nd .

The residents of Halton Hills have some concerns.

"We’re feeling bombarded with property tax increases, and we don't have any more to give."

The town portion of our property taxes have risen over 40% in seven years, but our other property tax portions have risen by no more than 11.5% – some have even dropped!  Now Mayor Bonnette has promised  4% tax increases a year  for the next 10 years effectively increasing your taxes by 50%(only promise he makes!) even though the term is only 4 years!

"The Mayor’s salary increase was too high! "

Our Mayor touts a 3.9% property tax increase as a “modest” increase, compared to previous increases of 4.7% to a high of 7.3%, all the while increasing his own annual salary from $72,000 to $102,253 – an increase of over 40% in just four years!

"Lots of money spent on projects, without a solution."

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are being unnecessarily spent on “consultants,” failed implementation of ice cleaning machines, and other poorly-planned projects.    How is it that we end up with poorly planned bike lanes that look dangerous?

Transit is coming, and only through strong leadership can we make it ours.

No real transit strategy to meet the needs of all our community. The elderly, our young people, hardworking families, and challenged members of our community need efficient, affordable, and available transit now, and for the future. Let's develop a compact, small bus system that provides a certain level of scheduled service with new technology on demand systems, that don't cost more than what we are paying now.  Let's not spend hundreds of thousands more dollars on transit consultants, instead let’s spend it on actual transit solutions we can use, today.

"Why do I have to leave here to retire?"

 Housing has become so unaffordable and unattainable for many in our community. There is no coordinated effort to help them find and keep housing. To help seniors continue to live in the community they love, to help young people, and their families start a life in the community they want.  Let's develop new ideas such as tiered discounts on property taxes for all our seniors on fixed incomes.

CONCLUSION: We live in a town with poor leadership, and without a clear vision.

No clear vision = An uncertain future

For many years there has been no clear vision of a Halton Hills of the future, no comprehensive plan to move Halton Hills to the forefront of progressive, well managed, affordable, and economically desirable communities. No plan for the growth and wellbeing of our families, and stewardship of the things we love most about living here. 

My commitment to the residents of Halton Hills

Lead with vision. Manage responsibly. Value your trust, daily.

Halton Hills is not only a beautiful community with a unique heritage, but one with an opportunity to grow if managed responsibly. I’m running for the Mayor of Halton Hills because I believe it’s time for a new leader, and a responsible growth plan for Halton Hills. A time where transparency and accountability mean something. Join me in leading our community into the future, a future we all deserve.

As your Mayor, I commit to:

Limit Tax Increases

Work hard to limit future tax increases to no more than inflation, or ideally less. No more promises to tax us and tax us from our elected officials. Make our taxes work for us, not we work for our taxes!

Cutback Mayor's Salary

Cut the Mayor’s annual salary back to $75,000, and work to make sure that taxpayers have a say in any future large increases in pay.

Build Affordable Transit

Work to set up a reliable, scalable, and affordable transit system for all residents. A transit system made in Halton Hills for Halton Hills. A combination of demand time routes(3 or 4) and on demand Uber like small buses to get us to regional transit hubs, such as to the Outlet mall, Milton and south etc.. Let's help our seniors get around reliably and affordably.

Build A Responsible Housing Plan

Work with businesses and builders to attract affordable, well planned housing that all residents, young and old, can be proud of. Housing that is smart, well planned and attainable. 

Listen To All Residents

Make myself available to listen, help, and keep Halton Hills’ best interests as my #1 priority. 

Make our Town a Destination for High Quality Jobs

Work to attract a post-secondary educational campus to bring Halton Hills into the future, and retain its youth – to make Halton Hills a destination for high quality jobs. We need our elected officials out there working to get the jobs and industry we deserve, our children deserve, not spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on meaningless trips to China!

Vote to elect ROBERT GOTTARDI your Mayor of Halton Hills on October 22nd.

Endorsement Video

Anne Marsden running for regional counsellor endorses me for Mayor. 

Join me. Help build a better future for Halton Hills.

I want to join you Robert, to make Halton Hills the best it can be!